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A nice little boilerplate for your next Glitch app

A nice little boilerplate for your next Glitch app

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I’ve been building little react apps for the past year and I’ve really come to love the whole NodeJS and React ecosystem. There’s a lot of resources out there which anyone can use to get started. These resources include youtube videos, books and blog posts. As a plus, many Javascript libraries have great documentation.


The best way to learn - in my experience - is by building stuff. A great platform for doing this is Glitch. Glitch provides a nice place for you to see both your server-side code and your client side code. It also includes a little window where you can see your app running on the web.

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So, for the past few weeks, I’ve been building a React application boilerplate. The goal is to have a nice react starter project that you can use to get started quickly building your app.

It has

  • React router integrated
  • FeathersJS real-time web framework setup as the backend
  • Grommet UI as the default user interface library
  • ES6 support!

Getting started

To get started,

  1. Clone the Github repository
  2. Import it into your Glitch project
  3. Hack away!

You can run and develop your app locally by cloning the repository into your local system and running:

npm install
npm run dev

If you want to modifiy the backend by creating additional services or just adding new routes, run the local development server.

npm run dev-local-server

This starts the FeathersJS server on port 36000 and sets up HTTP proxy in the webpack dev server so your app still autoreloads when you save.

Fill out an issue on the repo or Send me a mail if you have any issues.

Happy hacking!!!